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Our Policies

Walk-ins welcome.

Reservations available for indoor seating and those may be limited to 2 hours.

Guests must be 16 years old and up. This policy includes infants.

No outside food or beverage, except water and celebratory cakes.

Leashed dogs allowed outside.

No balloons or candles, except for private events.


Our Wines

*Wine made with the help of our friends at The Winery at Bull Run* 

— Whites — 

2019 Pinot Gris ~ $9/Glass, $32/Bottle 

Bright crisp notes of Asian pear and clean citrus. Wet stone greets the nose and leads to a light and tangy mid-palate with a balanced acidity. 

Pairs well with slipping out of The Office with Phyllis and Stanley for a mid-day “sales call” at the winery, or at least that’s what she said.’  

                                               2020 Viognier ~ $10/Glass, $34/Bottle

The nose of this Virginia grown, Viognier leads with sweet tropical fruits like mango, papaya and pineapple, with floral notes honeysuckle. The wine has a creamy texture and a full-mouth feel with flavors of honeydew melon and hints of citrus.

                             Pairs well with being fully-vaxed and freshly waxed!

2019 Chardonnay ~ $9/Glass, $33/Bottle 

Aged in 50% French oak giving a classic creamy texture and delicate mouthfeel. On the palate, toasted almonds and coconuts give the wine a light and delicate finish. 

Pairs well with sharing a charcuterie board with Friends like Ross and Rachel after debating whether or not they were actually ‘on a break’. 

2019 Riesling ~ $9/Glass, $33/Bottle 

Akin to a white sangria, offering a slight sweetness with tropical mango, biting apricot and light white peach giving a well-rounded and fruity sip, every time. 

Pairs well with playing the bongo drums under a full moon with Matthew McConaughey.  

2018 Rosé ~ $9/Glass, $29/Bottle 

Fresh strawberries and lush cherry tempered by a hint of floral on the finish. Fruit forward with a delicate balance of flavors. 

Pairs well with forcing your significant other to watch the Bachelor until they ask who ‘Victoria L.’ is for the seventh time.   

— Reds — 

2019 Cabernet Franc ~ $10/Glass, $36/Bottle

Aromas of red currant and rich red licorice with a blend of tangy cherry and spicy red bell pepper on the palate. 

Pairs well sharing an afternoon bottle with Carrie and Samantha and discussing whether or not Mr. Big lives up to his name. 

2019 Meritage ~ $10/Glass, $35/Bottle 

An artfully crafted Bordeaux style blend. Intense red fruit on the nose transitions to rich mixed berries and a soft smokiness on the midpalate and silky finish. 

Pairs well with your pajamas, a carton of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and Amazon Prime.  

2019 Norton ~ $10/Glass, $34/Bottle 

Radiates a powerful jammy nose. Its rich full body provides flavors of tangy, ripe dark fruits and spice throughout. 

Pairs well with listening to your favorite podcast at the end of the day while you finish the bottle because one glass just won’t cut it 

(Note: Tasting of any four wines is $12) 


                                         *Sparkling wine is available upon request*


Our Beer

Sowing Oats ~ $8.00/Pint – $27/Growler
(Spiced Farmhouse Ale, 5.6% ABV, 26 IBU)
Brewed right here at Sunshine Ridge!
Brewed in the rustic style of beers from the French and Belgian countryside using a mix of grains, spices, and funky yeast. In our version, Quaker Oats and white wheat provide a smooth mouth feel. Spicy ginger and peppery notes provide interest and compliment a crisp citrus finish. 


O Fest ~ $7.50/Pint – $25/Growler
(Marzen, 6.0% ABV, 22 IBU)
Brewed right here at Sunshine Ridge!
Brewed in the German Marzen lager style. Brilliant copper color, toasty aroma with faint German Noble hop presence. Very light in bitterness that lets the rich, malty biscuit flavors of the Munich and Vienna malts shine through. Balanced sweetness that still finishes crisp and clean due to extended cold lager fermentation and conditioning. 


Maisie Mae Rays ~ $7.50/Pint – $25/Growler
(Vienna Lager, 5.8% ABV, 23 IBU)
Brewed with the help of our friends at Beltway Brewing!
Auburn colored with the flavor and aroma of toasted malt and light caramel, then a smooth crisp finish. This easy-drinking lager is hopped with Tettnang Tettaner and features Vienna, Munich light, Munich dark, and caravienna hops!
Olde Mac ~ $8.00/Pint – $27/Growler
(Red Lager, 4.8 % ABV)
Brewed with the help of our friends at Beltway Brewing!
This beer is for winners! It starts with the core of an Irish-style red ale, uses two-row malt with crystal and roasted barley for a rich hue, rolls in Wilamette hops from the Northwest for a mild herbal spice, and lager yeast stitches it all together, creating a crips, clean, malt-forward beer. 
Rooster Red ~ $8.00/Pint – $27/Growler
(Red IPA, 6.5% ABV, 59 IBU)
Brewed right here at Sunshine Ridge!
Malt and hops combine in this full flavored, but balanced IPA. Centennial, Citra, Simcoes, and Amarillo hops show their plumage. Perfect beer for strutting your stuff around the yard. 
Heron Haze ~ $8.00/Pint – $27/Growler
(Irish Red Ale, 5.3% ABV)
Brewed with the help of our friends at Beltway Brewing!
This easy-drinking IPA is a novel take on the classic East Coast style and pays homage to the character of our community. Brewed with Sultana and Ariana hops, this beer features tasting notes of fresh pineapple juice and blackberries. 


Double Dog Dare Ya! ~ $8.00/Pint – $27/Growler
(Double IPA, 8.0% ABV)
Brewed with the help of our friends at Beltway Brewing!
This balanced, juicy IPA pours straw gold with a slight haze and showcases notes of citrus, tropical fruit, and pine. The smooth yet crisp feel of this beer is remarkably drinkable. 


Hop Heaven ~ $8.00/Pint – $27/Growler
(West Coast IPA, 7.4% ABV, 74 IBU)
Brewed right here at Sunshine Ridge!
It’s all about the hops! This is a classic West Coast IPA with intense flavors of citrus, pine, and resin. Assertive bitterness backed up by a solid malt backbone. Brewed with Mosaic, Centennial, and Cascade hops. If you crave hops, this beer is for you!                         
               Picnic Porter ~ $8.00/Pint – $27/Growler
          (Robust Porter, 6.2% ABV, 44 IBU)
           Brewed right here at Sunshine Ridge Farm!
Rich, dark, full flavored ale. Notes of chocolate, molasses, vanilla, and dark coffee delight the senses in the full-flavored beer. Perfect beer for a picnic on the lawn or cool evenings by the fire!


(Note: Tasting of any four beers is $12) 


Our Food

Fun Country Kettle Corn ~ $6.00
Pretzel with Duo Mustards ~ $5.00
Charcuterie Board for 4 ~ $45.00
Charcuterie Board for 2 ~ $30.00
*Charcuterie Boards made with the help of our friends at The Grazing Board VA* 
                                                           Cheese Board for 2 ~ $25.00
Pita Chips ~ $2.00
Chips ~ $2.00


Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Bottled Water ~ $2.00
Perrier Sparkling Water ~ $3.50
Red Bull ~ $4.00
Diet Coke ~ $2.00
Coke ~ $2.00
Sprite ~ $2.00
                                                                    Root Beer ~ $2.00


Blanket ~ $35.00
Black Face Mask ~ $10.00
T-Shirts ~ $18.00
                                                                    Candles ~ $20.00